A Cool Collection


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Okay, so my cousin is obsessed with collecting bobble heads – I mean over the top obsessed. She has a bobble head for anything you can think of. Her car is completely filled with them that she turns heads as she drives by. She even has shelves on shelves of bobble heads in her living room. I couldn’t even count how many this girl has it is ridiculous, but she loves them. She even found a bobble imageshead that perfectly resembles her golden retriever. However, the one bobble head my cousin did not have, was of herself. So as I was contemplating on what to get her for her birthday I knew the perfect gift. When she opened up the box and saw herself in custom bobble head form she practically cried from excitement. I mean this toy looked shockingly like my cousin, even I was surprised. I thought to myself, what a great gift it completely resembled her. It made the whole family laugh and everyone could enjoy it. I even ended up getting a bobble head doll of myself for my girlfriend to keep in her car so I could ‘keep an eye’ on her. She thought it was a hilarious gift and I hope she thinks of me every time she sees it.

Since I bought my cousin her own personalized bobble head she has tried to get me into collecting bobble heads myself, and I must say I have ended up with quite a few. The fact that you can turn anything into a bobble head is such a cool and funny idea. My family has been collectors of everything – baseball cards, beanie babies, stamps, dolls, you name it; but the collection I’ve most enjoyed is my cousins. Everything in her collection has gotten so into detail it’s amazing how far toys have come. I remember when I saw my first bobble head, it was a dog with a simple face in the back of a car that didn’t look that great. Now you can literally create a bobble head to look exactly like you, it’s hilarious and a great idea.

I told my girlfriend that when we get married we will definitely have a custom cake topper. Personalized bobbleheads, of course and as they carry the cake out the heads will bobble and it’ll be hilarious.

Overall, it was such a good idea to get my cousin and girlfriend bobble heads as gifts. My girlfriend keeps hers in her room. It brought smiles to their faces and of course that was the plan from the start. What I did not expect was that I would become a fan of them as well. I think that it is so funny that you can take any type of person or animal and create a customized bobble head. I know that when I am looking for a way to surprise my cousin I will get her a new customized doll to add to her extensive collection and even though there is no way I can compete with her collection,  it is still cool to have a few of my own.


A Summer They Will Never Forget

Are you a baseball fanatic?

Do you love it?

If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, I’ll bet you collect sports memorabilia. When they give fan appreciation gifts away, are you always first in line to get the next crazy fan item? Currently, teams are in the habit of giving bobbleheads away of their popular ballplayers. How cute are those? You’re favorite players in bobblehead form!

Now think about this. Wouldn’t it be a clever idea for summertime family reunions, to give everyone their own custom bobblehead? Create real to life figures that resemble the actual people. What a great gift it would be to customize and scan a picture of everyone and make a custom bobblehead of all of your favorite aunts and uncles! Forget the tired old T- shirts that no one ever wears after the reunion is over. A figurine would be a unique and special memento of the reunion and a fantastic keepsake item to give everyone as their takeaway gift. Imagine the smiles on everyone’s face as they received their cute and clever digitally designed statues. What a way to highlight everyone’s cute and quirky personality just by scanning a picture and choosing a body style. Everyone would so much enjoy a statue that looks like them:

Uncle Gene in his suspenders would perfectly show his style,

or Cousin Rob with his Wall Street executive tie on.


Even Aunt Kelly in her dentist’s lab coat holding a giant toothbrush!

What about your daughter in a 3D sculpture of herself as a Featured imageprincess?

The brilliant artists at Headbobble can help you!

It is a completely innovative gift and it wouldn’t take that much effort to pull it off. Just get a picture of everyone and scan it, pick the body types and email it to www.headbobble.com.

In about 4 weeks you will have your entire family immortalized in custom bobbleheads.

Year after year your relatives will be able to look at their own personal bobblehead and remember that distant summer’s reunion. With a smile on their face, they might just decide to go watch a little baseball…

Welcome to Head Bobble!

My car has ten head bobbles on the dash, but realistically I have over a hundred and fifty of them in glass cases at home. People are often puzzled at first as to why I have so many, but I’m a collector. Everyone has something that they appreciate and my family and I have formed a tradition to collect bobble heads whenever the chance comes up.

Over the years I have collected all types of classic celebrity bobble heads including Elvis, Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra, Elton John, Tupac, Audrey Hepburn and even Jay Leno.  I cannot completely explain what started my intrigue into the unique world of bobble heads, but I can honestly say that when I find a special one it can capture a moment in time or create lasting memories through just one of these treasured souvenirs. Not only do I like to have my own personal collection of bobble heads, two years ago I started toying with the idea of gifting them to friends and family. However, while I was shopping around a thought crossed through my mind. What if I could give everyone his or her own personalized bobble head doll. So I decided that for Christmas it would be a good idea to look around for a place that offered to make custom bobble heads for the whole family. I searched all around town including various spots in the town over, but could not find a place to do this in time. I was utterly disappointed because I had been planning out these gifts for some time now.

I quickly realized that many companies out there typically had a waitlist and were extremely expensive. Unfortunately, that was not even the half of my problems. While I wanted to gift about 25 customized bobble heads I was shocked to see that places that did offer what they said were “custom quality” dolls actually looked more like plastic replicas of old celebrities.

Even worse when I asked if they provided bulk orders their response was very concerning. They would make false promises stating that each individual doll would take at least a week and that the fastest I could get my heads would be within the next three months. While Christmas came and went I felt like my dream of giving my family a gift that was so near and dear to me would never come until I stumbled across headbobble.com. Not only did they offer the classic bobble heads, but they had specialized 3D equipment that would scan the faces of my relatives and produce perfect replicas down the tiniest detailed facial features all for a fair price. Now that I do I refuse to use anyone else. I have been collecting bobble heads for 15 years and although I am still an avid collector it is extremely nice to be able to customize my own.